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We do have Build Slots available for Boat Builds from April 2022 onwards




              SHELL                                           SAILAWAY

31FT     £16,300                                               £30,000

40FT     £18,000                                               £31,000                 45FT     £18,900                                               £32,000

50FT     £19,300                                               £32,800

55FT     £20,500                                               £34,000

57FT     £21,300                                               £34,500

60FT     £21,400                                               £35,000

65FT     £22,200                                               £36,000

68FT     £23,500                                               £36,500

70FT     £24,000                                               £37,000




Shell includes Hull - Primed and Blacked

Steel Bow Doors, Stern Doors and Lockable Sliding Hatch

One Set of Side Doors


Pole and Plank Rack

Engine Beds and Keel Cooling Tank to suit

Integral Diesel Tank

Window Holes Cut

Mooring Cleats and T Studs

Bow Locker

Gas Lockers at Stern

Rudder and Tiller

Stern Rail

Fender Eyes

Narrowboat Extras

Trad/Semi Trad Stern £700

Enclosed Stern Rail with Doors £1000

Stern Seats £750

Square Stern £500

Classic Stern £1500

Classic Bow £750

Short Deck, Stubby Bow £800

Ship Bow £800

Extra Side Door £400

Pigeon Box without windows £300

Commissioning Engine £700

Bow Thruster £3000 - inc. pipe, hatch, bulk head

Anchor and holder in front locker - no chain £200

Bow seats £750

Ballast and 18mm floor £50 per foot of cabin

Sailaway includes :

Shell –  Painted in Primer and Hull Blacked
Gas lockers at rear.
Storage locker at Bow.
Integral keel cooler. Integral Diesel Tank. Weed Hatch.
Water tank - Tank is made from polypropylene Sheet, CNC cut and welded together inside and out.
Mooring studs and T Stud.
4 Mushroom and 4 door vents.
Integral hand rails on roof.
Pole and Plank Rack. Central Roof Ring
Stern rail - Can have Boat Name cnc cut into name plate
Rudder + rudder stock + tiller bar.
Steel rear door + lockable sliding hatch. Steel front doors.
One set of side doors
4 x Anodes.
Sprayfoam insulation & battening.
Windows 4 x 36" x 21" top hopper windows & 4 x 15" portholes - Can be changed to suit your needs
Barrus Shire Engine and Stern Gear to suit