We build all of our boats to customer specifications. Whatever you want you can have. Narrowboats from our mini-max range to a 65ft x 13ft Widebeam. Cruiser stern, Traditional, Semi-Traditional, our exclusive Classic range stern or a design of your own. We try to accommodate everyone.

60ft bespoke Narrowboat.

midi 1 midi 2 midi 2

Check out the video of it being loaded onto the lorry for delivery.


30ft x 10ft Widebeam - 'Midi-max' Suprisingly roomy for a small boat with a cabin size of 14ft x 9.5ft.

midi 1 midi 2


58ft Narrowboat with an extra long front deck.

deck 2 deck 3 deck 4 deck 6


65ft x 12ft Cruiser stern with a square front.

simon 1 simon 2 simon 3 simon 4 simon 5 simon 6 simon 7


'Jekyll & Hyde'

Jekyll 1 Jekyll 2 Jekyll 3


Here are some more examples of our work.

Cruiser stern:

cruiser stern 1 cruiser stern 2 cruiser stern 3


Semi-Traditional stern:

semi trad


Traditional stern:


Classic stern:


Cruiser stern Narrowboat with special front deck for a motorcycle:

motor cycle motor cycle motor cycle


65ft x 12ft Widebeam with square stern:

65ft widebeam 1 65ft widebeam 2 65ft widebeam 3


Mini-max 28ft Narrowboat:

mini-max1 mini-max2 mini-max3


Narrowboat built for Eckington School, with extra long bow deck. Follow the progress of the school, as they fit out the boat, here.


Traditional style work boat:

work boat work boat